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A new DEBYA partner in the Paris region


January 9th


5 min

It's in Charenton-le-Pont, in the Île-de-France region, that we find Milena, podiatrist. A specialist in her field, she offers her services to sports enthusiasts, including cyclists, with her in-depth expertise in podiatry. Her practice welcomes people wishing to benefit from an in-depth postural study, and for the past few months, Milena Monville has been waiting for you at 144 rue de Paris, 94220 Charenton-le-Pont, to take your DEBYA impressions!

"My name is Milena Monville, and I've been a sports podiatrist in Charenton-le-Pont for 12 years now. My career path led me to specialize first in posturology, then in sports podology, which naturally led me to deepen my knowledge of sports posture. Over time, this expertise has been directed towards the specific care of cyclists, where the concept of "postural analysis" takes on its full dimension.

To broaden my skills, I took an in-depth course in bike fitting, seeking to optimize cyclists' performance through meticulous adjustment of their equipment. However, despite these advances, one question remained: the choice of saddle. This crucial element of cyclist comfort remained an enigma, with few solutions available to remedy discomfort in the saddle, which itself can lead to compensation with multiple consequences, such as loss of power or the onset of pain.

As a podiatrist, I have the ability to design custom insoles and adjust settings to optimize the cyclist's biomechanics. Now, with the introduction of Debya, a new dimension has been opened up, linking our professional practice with the specific needs of the cyclist. This innovative platform enables us to refine our understanding of the interactions between the rider's body and the saddle, offering customized solutions to maximize comfort, prevent discomfort and optimize performance on the bike. Debya represents a significant advance in our holistic approach to cyclist care, strengthening our ability to respond holistically to their specific needs. "