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DEBYA saddles customization: by hydrodipping


March 16


10 minutes

Hydrodipping, also known as water transfer printing, is a decoration technique that involves transferring a pattern from a special foil onto a surface by dipping that surface into a tank of water. This completely handmade technique is carried out in our premises in Breuvannes-en-Bassigny in Haute-Marne. This technique is used to apply the finish to DEBYA saddles and allows us to push the exclusivity of your saddle to the limit by providing a finish that does not exist anywhere else on the market. 

However, before considering the use of hydrodipping to finish a bicycle saddle, it was important to consider certain aspects. First, it was important to consider that the saddle would be subject to regular wear and tear and exposure to the weather, which could reduce the durability of the hydrodipped finish. In addition, the saddle must be smooth and clean enough for the foil to be properly applied.

Finally, it is important to note that the application of hydrodipping can affect the texture and feel of the saddle, which can have an impact on the rider's comfort and performance. After more than three years of research and development to find the finishes, it was forced to note that the use of hydrodipping allows to resist on the very long term to any type of weather and unexpected.

Thanks to the use of this technique, we offer you a wide range of choices to customize the saddle to your bike. Each saddle is the result of a unique impression, through more than 20 finishes soon available. For this, find our catalog here :