30 impression takers throughout France


A DEBYA saddle, but for which practice?

The DEBYA saddle is designed to adapt to any practice: road cycling, gravel, triathlon, time trial, track cycling or mountain biking, since your footprint is made on your bike for which you intend your saddle

What is the price of a DEBYA saddle?

The price is 499€ TTC for a custom made saddle, adapted to your morphology, split in two parts, 449€ for the design and manufacture of the saddle and 50€ for the impression taken at a health professional partner.

Where can I buy a DEBYA saddle?

DEBYA saddles are available directly from our e-commerce site.

Why is the DEBYA saddle not padded?

We have chosen not to have any padding, because the saddle is perfectly adapted to your morphology. The padding on a "standard" saddle is present only to compensate for the unsuitability of its shape to your morphology. This choice has been tested and approved by our testers on rides of more than 200 kilometers up to 1000 kilometers.

Where do I take my impression?

At one of our partners, licensed health professionals with a certification in postural study. We work to have a balanced network in France so that you can find a partner near you. Moreover, we will be present on many events (cyclosportives, shows...).

Is my saddle UCI approved?

If you are a UCI competitor, your DEBYA saddle will be designed to be installed in full compliance with articles 1.3.008 and 1.3.014 of these rules governing saddle dimensions, inclination and backward movement. Our saddle has no lumbar support and strictly complies with the UCI technical regulations

What materials are used to make a DEBYA saddle?

Three years of research and development have allowed us to select the ideal material to meet our specifications: it is a 3D printed high performance polymer. This material combines a certain flexibility allowing the absorption of road irregularities (speed bumps, potholes, cobblestones ...) with sufficient rigidity for a good power transmission.

What is the weight of a DEBYA saddle?

The weight is less than 200 grams on the majority of the saddles made. As each saddle is unique and adapted to the morphology, the weight can vary by a few grams.

How long does it take to receive my DEBYA saddle?

Your custom saddle will go through several stages: 3D design, printing and finally finishing, this process takes 30 working days. Therefore, from the date of your DEBYA impression, expect to receive your saddle in less than a month and a half.

Why is the DEBYA saddle foam-free?

The DEBYA saddle is completely adapted to the cyclist's morphology, so it fits perfectly and requires no padding. The material used reduces chafing and irritation, as it improves circulation and reduces perspiration. This can be particularly advantageous on long bike rides.