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A new DEBYA partner in Alpes-Maritimes


November 12


5 min

Rémi, physiotherapist and osteopath, is based in Le Cannet, in the heart of the Alpes-Maritimes. A former top-level cyclist, he specializes in the physiotherapy of athletes, particularly professional cyclists. For several years now, this Bike Fitter has been welcoming cyclists to his practice for a postural study. For several months now, Rémi has been welcoming you at 73 Av. du Campon, 06110 Le Cannet, to take your DEBYA impressions!

"In 2022, I opened a medical center in Le Cannet (06110) with my colleagues, where 10 practitioners work in synergy (physio / osteo / doctor / psychologist). More recently, I set up bikefitting services with my sister Margot (physiotherapist and pro cyclist with the Saint Michel Auber team). Working with DEBYA came naturally, as I know Leo personally. I find the idea and concept very innovative and revolutionary.

There's a lot of talk about optimizing performance in cycling, through diet, training and an impeccable lifestyle... but when it comes to equipment, there's still a long way to go. That's where DEBYA comes in. Offering a saddle adapted to each individual's morphology ensures absolute comfort, prevents injuries, and I'm also convinced that it improves pedaling efficiency and therefore performance.

I've been testing my DEBYA saddle for several months now and I'm simply blown away. I feel unrivalled comfort compared with the dozen or so saddles I've had in the past, as well as great pelvic stability. What's more, I no longer suffer from chafing or redness in the crotch, even on my most demanding outings!

Godspeed to DEBYA "