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What's the point of a postural analysis?


April 10


5 minutes

"In recent years, the evolution of equipment has led to a democratization of cycling, but also to a multiplicity of adjustments and therefore of technopathies: the appearance of gonalgias with the first auto braces without degree of freedom, the reminiscence of pudendal neuralgia with ISM saddles... Knowing these evolutions is necessary for the therapist to determine the etiology or etiologies in order to break this pathological vicious circle.

The bike settings will determine the "ideal" static position, which must be checked before any dynamic analysis of the movement because it determines the movement. The search for the "ideal" static position will allow power, performance, aerodynamics and comfort. It is difficult to reconcile all these factors but it is possible to optimize them through postural analysis and equipment.

The main enemy of pathologies is the home-made DIY, each cyclist has a different morphology and we can't adapt the same adjustment to everyone. 

The saddle is one of the most important parameters of postural analysis. The different settings will affect leg kinetics, play a role in economy and aerobic power, O2 consumption and prevent injuries.

To conclude, the "ideal" static and dynamic position that the DEBYA impression will provide can only be efficient with a prior postural analysis. 

By Jimmy DESBROSSES, physiotherapist.