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The right bike saddle
adapted to your
your anatomy.

Our fingerprinters

Why create a custom bicycle saddle


gain in




An optimized seat will

allows you to adopt the right posture

for lasting comfort

to enhance your performance.

Better wedging

allows you to optimize your stroke

pedal and thus gain in


A lightweight bicycle saddle (less than 200g, depending on your riding style and size) without sacrificing strength and durability.

For an experience

comfortable bicycle

and custom-made


From 449€ TTC

Excluding printing costs


3D printing with a high performance polymer

Lightweight (≃ 200gr)

Titanium rail

The bike saddle

perfect exists

it does not wait

that you


Find the taker

the most

close to you

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DEBYA®, a brand of custom made bicycle saddles

DEBYA® is a brand of custom made bicycle saddles that aim to perfectly fit the anatomy of every rider. We understand that comfort is crucial to an enjoyable cycling experience, which is why we have developed an innovative method to create saddles that fit perfectly.

Our manufacturing process is based on an analysis of each rider's anatomy, using advanced technology to create saddles that fit perfectly. We take into account the individual needs of each rider, whether for recreational riding or professional competition.

We use high quality materials to ensure the durability and strength of our saddles, and we also offer a variety of colors and designs to fit any style of bike.

When you choose DEBYA®, you're opting for a custom-made bicycle saddle designed to provide maximum comfort during your cycling outings. We're confident that our saddles will enable you to enjoy your passion for cycling to the full, providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.