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What are the most comfortable bicycle saddles? 


June 30

In the world of cycling, the comfort of the saddle is of paramount importance. It's the main point of contact between you and your bike. But what's the most comfortable saddle for road or mountain biking? There are so many factors involved in choosing a comfortable bike saddle. 

Comfort criteria for a bicycle saddle

To determine the most comfortable bicycle saddle, several criteria need to be taken into account. 

Ischial distance: Every cyclist has a unique distance between his or her ischials, the two hard points on which you sit when on a bicycle saddle. This distance is a fundamental criterion for choosing a comfortable saddle, because a saddle that 

too narrow won't properly support the ischials and can cause discomfort or even pain on long bike rides. 

The soft tissues surrounding the ischiums

In addition to the ischials, the soft tissues surrounding them are also stressed when sitting on a bicycle saddle. A saddle that is too hard can exert excessive pressure on these tissues, causing discomfort. It is therefore preferable to choose a bicycle saddle that offers a certain degree of cushioning for these soft tissues. 

The perineum

The perineum is another area that can be affected by your bike saddle. Some saddles can exert unwanted pressure on this area, causing pain or numbness. Hollow and perforated saddles have been designed to minimize contact with the perineum and relieve pressure. 

Saddle texture

Saddle material can also affect comfort. Plastic saddles are generally less expensive, but can be less comfortable as they are often harder and have less shock-absorbing capacity. Carbon saddles are lighter and stiffer, which can be beneficial for performance, but they can also be less comfortable for some cyclists. Finally, leather saddles are often considered the most comfortable because they conform to each cyclist's unique anatomy over time, offering a more personalized riding experience. 

Saddle size

A bicycle saddle that's too wide or too narrow can cause discomfort. The ideal saddle size depends on the distance between your ischials, also known as "sit bones". 

Saddle shape: Bike saddles come in a variety of shapes, from flat to curved. Which saddle shape is best for you depends on your riding style and anatomy. 

Saddle padding: The level of padding can greatly affect saddle comfort. Too much padding can cause excessive friction and too little can cause excessive pressure on the sitting bones. Saddle rails: Rails allow you to adjust the saddle to your ideal riding position. Rails made from materials such as titanium or carbon offer a certain degree of vibration damping, which can increase the comfort of your bike saddle. a full article on the subject.

The different types of bicycle saddles There are different types of bicycle saddles, each with its own characteristics and advantages. 

Racing saddles

What is a racing saddle? Racing saddles are generally narrower and lighter than other types of saddle. They are designed to minimize friction during high-speed pedaling and to promote an aggressive riding position. 

Why is it comfortable? Although their shape and lack of padding may seem uncomfortable to some, racing saddles are very comfortable for those who like to ride fast. Their narrow shape minimizes friction and their lightweight design facilitates fast pedaling. 

Trekking saddles

What is a trekking saddle? Trekking saddles are generally wider and have more padding than racing saddles. They are designed for comfort over long distances. 

Why is it comfortable? The touring saddle offers excellent support and distributes pressure evenly. The extra padding is ideal for absorbing shocks and vibrations during long bike rides. 

City saddles

What is a city saddle? City saddles are generally the widest and most padded of all bicycle saddles. They are designed for comfort during low-speed urban riding. 

Why is it comfortable? City saddles offer maximum comfort for short distances. Their extra width and large padding offer plenty of support and minimal pressure on sensitive areas. 

The made-to-measure saddle

The concept of the custom saddle, some people have specific needs or health problems that prevent them from finding a comfortable bike saddle among the standard options available on the market. For these people, a custom-made saddle may be the solution. 

The manufacturing process When creating a custom saddle, several aspects of your anatomy are taken into account, such as the width of your sitting bones, the shape of your pelvis and the way you sit on the saddle. Manufacturers use this information to create a saddle that perfectly suits your needs. 

At DEBYA we use 3D scanning technology to obtain a precise image of your anatomy and create a custom-made bicycle saddle . This process reduces pressure points and increases riding comfort. 


Finally, choosing the right bike saddle is essential for a comfortable ride. Whether you opt for a racing, touring, city or custom saddle, the most important thing is to find the one that suits you best. You need to take into account the type of bike you have, whether it's a road, mountain or city bike, as well as your personal preferences and specific needs. Comfort on the bike depends largely on the quality and comfort of the saddle. 

Frequently asked questions

The comfort of a bicycle saddle depends on several factors, including the distance between your pins, the saddle padding, and the shape of the saddle. Leather saddles are often considered the most comfortable because they conform to your unique anatomy.

A bespoke saddle is created by taking into account several aspects of your anatomy, such as the width of your sitting bones, the shape of your pelvis and the way you sit on the saddle. This tailor-made approach allows us to create a saddle that perfectly suits your needs. 

The ideal saddle size depends on the distance between your ischials, also known as "sit bones". A saddle that's too wide or too narrow can cause discomfort. 

A bicycle saddle is considered comfortable when its shape, size, padding and texture suit the rider's anatomy and riding style. Shock absorption and pressure reduction in sensitive areas are also important for saddle comfort. 

There are several types of bicycle saddle, including racing, touring, city and custom. Each type has its own features and benefits.